Monday, May 21, 2007

Between Here 'n There

The photo of the tarsier in the last post represents a very recent trip to the Philippines ... 'been back in Vancouver for two weeks and a bit and tomorrow will be heading off for Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland and France. It's really (really!) true that the world is shrinking ... (really). I will try to post somewhat regularly on this next journey. The first portion (to Doha, via Frankfurt) will be "trying," I think, as I'll be doing an overnight flight to Europe, spending a day with friends in Bensheim, then another overnight to Qatar Dubai. I will be whacked, I'm sure.

The purpose of the Qatar trip is to visit friends and spend a couple of weeks at the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar, in the library. I will be "job-shadowing" and otherwise making a nuisance of myself (not! I hope!). A few more days in Bensheim, then it's down to Geneva by train and paragliding in Annecy, France. Motoring to a wedding west of Paris, finishing with a couple of nights in La Ville-lumière, will mark the latter part and the end of this trip.

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